Tuesday, May 8, 2007


one of the greatest lessons i am learning from this process of developing a craft is that every step should be observed and relished. to wash and iron and block and dye and measure and read and read again. all these things before my scissors even enter the scene.

i appreciate having a willing model at the ready.

i appreciate washing materials by hand. good materials. linen and cottons. i am glad that i have finally come to realize the difference between cheap and quality. i appreciate my husband for tutoring me all these years in this regard.

i appreciate what shauna over at gluten-free girl (i'm too lazy for hyperlinks but check the sidebar over at my regular blog) has to say about taking photographs of her food. that it is a way of paying homage, of being aware. i take pictures of my fabric with that in mind.

i appreciate the light green tinge that my hands have today from dying the canvas for my sling. i noticed it when i was on my way to work this afternoon. there is a secret delight in being marked by your art+craft. the stray hair with dried clay, the paint under your nails. reminders of a self too distracted in the act of creation to worry over personal appearance.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

some w.i.p.s

the (blurry) results of my quick craft from yesterday. i envision some more earrings and a necklace on the horizon.

i'm in the process of making a few baby sets for some new wee ones to this world. the set includes a quilted patchwork bib, a pair of reversible booties, and a knitted burp cloth. i will also add a pair of earrings for the mamas.

to keep them all together, i'm going to borrow an idea from Tennen Seikatsu, one of my favorite magazines.

this little drawstring bag should be hold the sets quite nicely. i'll use the same material i used for the patchwork on the bib for the little stripe that holds the drawstring.

and speaking of mothers, next sunday is the calendar date for mother's day. i am making lotta's oven mitt and an apron of my own design using canvas and these three printed fabrics for my mom and mother-in-law.

for nico and myself, i have plans for a sling. i'll dye the canvas and use the tracy porter duck canvas for the interior.

and after visiting joann's, i decided to poke my head into michael's next door to check out the much touted martha line. it is very nice and well-packaged and there are some things i will keep in mind. i went ahead a bought the alphabet cards to put up on sebastian's wall. he picked out these rad stickers. i like the robot especially.

and just some additions to my growing stockpile. more of the alexander henry pink fabric plus some super colorful cotton that reminds my of a polyester blouse my grandmother once wore, in a good way.

next time, i hope to be back with some finished projects to share.

quick craft

this makes me so pleased. it took less than two minutes to put these together. no pliers used.
it almost satisfies the crafting urge for today.
i came back to report that i finished three more pairs within 15 minutes, all done with nico snoozing on my left arm and sebastian playing in the bath. this could easily become addictive.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

built by me

with a bit of help from my mother. i was visiting my parents for about a week and decided i wanted to try a pattern while my experienced mom was about. a pattern that used a zipper to be exact. so built by wendy simplicity pattern #3835 it was. i used cheap grey cotton material for two reasons: one, to practice and not mess up expensive fabric; two, because it was either this, giant gold butterflies, or john deere tractor fabric.

grey is my favorite color but perhaps in this particular use it isn't the best as the dress kinda has an amish, choir-robe look to it.

i used what the package called "kiwi" green for the thread and zipper and hemmed it with a topstitch to allow this detail to be noticeable but the boldness of the green was still overwhelmed by the pious grey.

it is cute though and perhaps with a good pair of trousers, leggings, or even tights (though it is already too hot to consider tights for a while) it would look better. i do like the built by wendy pattern line and look forward to trying the a-line skirt and button-down blouse that came with "sew u" since i am more of a skirt and blouse sort of gal.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

printing process

finishing the block took a lot longer than anticipated but now it's done and i can send off the spring postcard. if you would like one, just let me know. this is just my second block so it is a bit wonky but at this stage, it is all about learning. i really enjoyed every step.

and for my next project...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

lotta lotta

here's another completed tote for a friend's birthday made with a very soft demin and some tracy porter fabric for the bottom.

it turns out it is really hard to take pictures of the inside of a bag but you can see that i did add a pocket and a liner, though the awesomeness of the fabric doesn't shine through. take my word, it's pretty. and cool. so, um, it's pretty cool.

and because every gal should have a matching change purse, here's another one but much improved. it's lined with the same awesome fabric as the tote. (yes, awesome is the word du jour)

i like zipper pulls. i'm thinking of shrinky dinks for future pulls.

so this is all wrapped with one of the new cards and ready to be sent once i can figured out how to get to the post office. or beg someone to take it for me. and please excuse the lame photos. my brother-in-law sold the glorious camera we were (gratefully) using so it's back to our four year-old powershot.

birthday greetings

i carved this out of a speedycut block last night while watching the office (american version. for those of you too loyal to the bbc version to give the yanks a chance, well, i'm really sorry for you. this show makes jason laugh like a girl who drank way too much diet soda before her cheerleading competition. seriously. )

i'm happy with these cards. now we have something on hand for those birthdays that always sneak up on us.
i particularly like the color. it looks like cake frosting and reminds me of that color in the cat in the hat comes back. you know, the ring in the tub from the cat in the hat that eventually ends up on the snow and little cat z has to save the day.

what, you don't read dr.seuss at least three times a day?